Where Is CSGO Roulette Now?

The CSGO scene blew up a few years back when the professional scene began to grow. With that came some of the original betting sites, such as csgo lounge, and then the fantasy draft systems.

The skin betting sites allowed for an even greater explosion of CSGO fans — ones that were interested in making money off of the professional league games and not so much actually playing the game.

As a result, one of the first “casino” style sites launched, csgojackpot.com, which has since disbanded and shut down. Now there is a whole slew of new websites that have appeared, even a few years later after many of them were a target after under-aged gambling went rampant. At one point, professional gamers associated with some of these gambling sites had their chat logs leaked, and it came to light that they had been gaming the system, cheating players out of their money by fixing what the next dice roll would be and streaming huge winnings.

Now that the dust has settled, it’s all about fair game play, and reputation is massive among these types of websites. One that we’ve come to know for CSGO Roulette is Ninja Skins, a new fair-game roulette styled betting site that is based on other UK websites that were founded by the owners. You can check out a video about the site here for the CSGO Roulette site.