Now that WordPress 5.0 has been released for a little while, we're seeing all the different things that are right and wrong with it.

The first thing that most webmasters are noticing is that editors are seemingly breaking all over the place with the different themes. Most of this can be solved by downloading and activating the Classic Editor from the WordPress marketplace.

Some themes, however, still have some issues with it, such as the latest version of the Divi (builder). Both the theme and the builder plugin have been reluctant to work on many sites, handicapping designers and developers in their ability to edit or create new pages and posts.

Newer themes, however, are starting to release Gutenberg-compatible editors that don't require the classic editor in order to work.

These make it a lot easier for newer sites to launch without having to figure out workarounds to the latest changes.

Enough time is passing that many themes that moved more slowly are starting to release configuration updates so that they can be fully compatible with the latest release.

So, if you're afraid of the latest release of wordpress, here's what we suggest:

Review the known issues with the theme that you're using
Get the latest version of that theme and install it on a test instance of wordpress, then migrate your site over to it temporarily
Test the site to ensure that everything is working. If not, then check to see what you can do. This will determine whether it's the right time to upgrade or if you should wait a bit longer.
Make sure you hide this test site from Google's crawlers.
Once your testing is done and you've determined the next action, shut down your test site to prevent any issues with Google indexation.

There we go!

We'll include more information about the progress of WordPress 5 (now 5.0.3) in future posts.


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